Moving to a new BLOG!!!!!

Because Blogspot meets my needs better at this time than WordPress does, I’m moving my blog there. The blog now also contains a few pages with galleries of my work and a page about an upcoming online workshop Watercolour Art Journaling Techniques this September.

Go check out my new blog and don’t forget to change the URL in your blogroll/bookmarks.

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Koninginnedag Goes 2012

Sailing on city pondFleemarket around city pondFinally some blue skyKoninginnedag flagSailing in city pondBlossom
Church of GoesIsland treeNevynn holding the hose

Koninginnedag Goes 2012, a set on Flickr.

It was a lovely day yesterday…so everybody in town had decided to visit the annual flee market…it was busy…sunny and incredibly festive!

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In her Light

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